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Please browse this site; you will find much information that should help you and encourage you either as a Tenant-Custodian and prospective Tenant-Custodian of the National Trust.

Contact us if you wish to join the association. 



At this morning's National Trust AGM, 14,457 National Trust members voted to support our resolution and demonstrated that they wished the National Trust to continue to financially support the work of TANT.

It must be noted that the Trustees of the National Trust are not bound by this decision but the membership have sent a strong message and we hope that they listen. Because of this we would like to continue our petition just in case we need to encourage the Trustees to listen to the membership so please continue to sign using the link to the right of the page.

Thank you for all your support so far.... we couldn't have done it without you!

Andrew Turner-Cross & Joanna Leighton
TANT Co-Chairs.

The full resolution with supporting statement is available to view here:
The Trust's response and TANT's response to that are required reading! Read them here:


Congratulations to
Cristina George

TANT Committee member and re-elected National Trust Council member! Despite some issues along the way Cristina successfully polled the second highest vote of all the prospective candidates in The National Trust's Council Elections at the AGM today with 13,749 votes - a real demonstration of members rightly held belief in her ability. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for her! 


If you have a lease that is for more than 20 years ,usually 49 years with a possible 50 year extension,  it is important that you look carefully at the lease as there may be onerous rent reviews after 25/49/ 75 years.

The Ground Rent could rise to a substantial figure. You may not have been advised of this when you purchased your lease.

There may be remedies for you and please contact us if you require some guidance.

If you have an out of hours emergency - for example: heating breakdown, roof damage, or another problem that requires an immediate solution (but not a downed TV arial!), then please follow these three steps:-
  • Ring the numbers at the back of your TENANTS HANDBOOK - if you have any, or the even the handbook.
  • In line with the HOUSING POLICY ring a local tradesperson to get the job done and recharge this to the National Trust.
  • If all else fails, please ring TANT's HELPLINE: 0845 463 3563 anytime, any day and we will try and assist you.
Help Line number for tenant-custodians: 0845 463 3563